Our innovative Karate school program blends two important

programs into one.We are dedicated to the scholastic

achievement of our martial arts student.


We are currently in several schools around London & Essex,

we feel that that the programme gives childern the focus

and drive they need in school.

We have an extensive mentoring programme that is attached to the coaching, as part of the school package.  We adapt our programme to each individual school depending on their needs.  We will work hands on to meet the needs best, so the school and students fully benefit from the Martial arts and mentoring.

At Elitez Karate Academy we work with parents and
teachers to encourage children to be the best thay can be.


The school program includes:

  • -Self Defence
  • -Self Confidence
  • -Fitness
  • -Fun
  • -Stranger danger
  • -Fire safety
  • -improved coordination,balance,and reflexes
  • -Improved flexibility
  • -Courtesy
  • -integrity
  • -Self-control
  • -Respect
  • -Courage
  • -Perseverance