We offer private tuition at VERY competitive prices with the Sensei of your choice.The sessions can take place at:

  • – Your house
  • – Your dojo (place of training)
  • – Outdoors
  • – Gym
  • – Anywhere with sufficient space

this will give you a chance to get a step ahead of everyone else in
your club and progress through your belts quicker.You will also benefits

  • – Upcoming tournament
  • – Grading
  • – Basic techniques
  • – Higher grade katas
  • – Extra fitness
  • – Kumite (fighting) sessions

Sessions are available through the week ang weekends,we can
tailor specific training programs to help achieve your personal goals.

In addition,private students are encouraged to bring along afriend
and make the experience more fun and enjoyable. Special rates are
available for multiple student private sessions.

Please don’t wait and call now or Contact Us